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Saturday, April 01, 2006

Priceless Humor - Honeymooners DVD

Cute remake to the original Honeymooners.

Priceless Humor Score: 6
Twisted Humor Score: 4

We're back! Most of the movies that are up for
review can be seen online on Movie Link. We took
a break but we're back now.

Cedric the Entertainer transforms Jackie
Gleason's classic blue-collar sitcom The
Honeymooners into an urban comedy.

Ed and Ralph are really funny in this price
humor comedy. This a really cute movie where
you start to really feel sorry for the troubles
that Ralph and Ed go through.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Twisted Humor - Office Space DVD

Have you had a chance to see "Office Space"?

Review of Office Space DVD :

Twisted Humor Score: 8
Priceless Humor Score: 7

Do you ever feel as though you have to
battle between traffic on a crowded freeway
every morning? Ever see yourself hitting the
steering in traffic and watching a man on a walker
beat the traffic you're in? Wonder how the heck you
ended up working with a whole bunch of nuts? Wait
until you see the first 5 minutes of this crazy movie!
Poor Peter Givens had a case of the Mondays.

Priceless Humor Fan

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Great Twisted Humor Tip - Snaps

Have you ever heard of a "Snap" before? When I first ran
arcross this book, I laughed so hard. There is actually a
series of Snap books. Take a look:

Priceless Humor: 7
Twisted Humor: 10

Priceless Humor Fan

**We'll be reviewing a movie in the next few days.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Sky High - Great Priceless Humor Flick

Have you had a chance to check out "Sky High"?

What a funny little movie with excitement and Super Heroes!
Kurt Russell plays the dad and he's a super hero that wants
to see his son become a super hero like himself. The only
problem is his son Will Stronghold hasn't discovered his
super powers yet. The plot thickens once Will falls for
a classmate and discovers he better find his powers
if he wants to save Sky High. All eyes are on Will!
You haven't seen a stressful day to get the job done
until you see this movie lol.

Great priceless humor for the whole family.

Priceless Humor Rating: 9
Twisted Humor Rating: 5

Priceless Humor Fan

Beauty Shop - Hilarious Priceless Humor

Now let's take a look at a real cute movie. Queen Latifah
really rocks this Beauty Shop. She had a handsome guy interested
in her, an ex-boss who was jealous of her (with two snaps
and a circle if you know what I mean), and a bunch of great
women who have strong personalities. This priceless humor
movie was really nice to see. Priceless humor is priceless
when we see how a person can fall and still persevere.

Priceless Humor Rating: 8 (with two snaps and a circle)
Twisted Humor Rating: 4

Priceless Humor Fan

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Merry Christmas!!

Merry Christmas and may your day be full of joy, love, and laughter.

Just in case you have so many people over to enjoy a good funny movie, here's my priceless humor attempt:

The story about my first pair of high heels! Click here for a laugh!

Priceless Humor Fan

Saturday, December 24, 2005

The Perfect Man - Great Family Humor

Imagine being a teenager and having to move everytime your
mother breaks up with a dead beat boyfriend? Well in this movie,
the teenager fights back by making up an imaginary secret admirer for
her mother to be distracted by. That's when the movie gets hilarious!

This movie is jammed packed with priceless humor! This darling
teenager finds herself over her head as the plot thickens.
I really don't want to give the whole plot away and I wish I
had a teenager fix me up with Chris Noth! It would be worth the
drama :o). Click on the icon for details.

Priceless Movie Score: 8
Twisted Humor Movie Score: Not twisted. Just great humor.

Category: Comedy, Drama, Romance

Priceless Humor Fan

Sunday, December 18, 2005

The Incredibles - Great Priceless Humor

This evening I was relaxing and wanted to watch something light and carefree. Before I knew it, I was watching "The Incredibles". This great priceless humor movie is for the whole family.

It's nice to see a family working together for the good of all. The animated couple said, "I love you", and espressed love more than most television movies lol. The kids are cool and really cute.

My favorite character is Edna. She's the little lady that makes the outfits for the Super Heroes. She's spunky, witty, and wise. It was funny watching the Father, Bob trying to get in his Hero outfit after gaining weight. It reminded me of many of us ex-military people after gaining weight when we leave the military lol. (I'm working on the bulge and I'm ex-military lol). Poor Bob just didn't want to stop being a super hero. He may have been experiencing a midlife crisis, yet he was able to win a chance at becoming a crime fighter again.

The humor may not be twisted humor, yet it's priceless humor :o).

Priceless Humor Fan

Diaries of a Mad Black Woman - Comedy Film

Whew! I better indicate that the title of this post is a film lol. When I saw "Diaries of a Mad Black Woman", I nearly fell out of my chair laughing lol. This film was rich with priceless humor, life's lessons, and romance. Tyler Perry is one of the most talented writers and actors I've ever seen. There were so many funny jokes in the movie!

Diaries shows how someone can be cruel and mean. The kicker is, the movie also shows how a person can be forgiving. I ran to the video store when this movie was on sale.

Great laugh. Great movie. Funny jokes. My favorite line: Go on and call the Po Po....!

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